MS43 for M54 Engine

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Customizations and prizes

  1. Emissions delete(euro2, euro0), delete catback O2 sensors 60$
  2. 7200RPM rev limiter 10$
  3. Standard tune 100$
  4. FULL EWS Delete 400$Not virginize. Not emulator. Sending ECU to us is required. EWS module must be jumped with provided jumper cable. If intending to swap the M54 into another chassis such as an E30 or E36 no jumper is needed
  5. Viriginize ECU 100$
  6. Speed signal delete, from ABS (need for swap) 150$
  7. Secondary air pump delete 20$
  8. VIN Recode to Your VIN 10$
  9. Full pack (all options) 600$
  10. Full pack (without EWS Delete) 250$


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