Correct IBS sensor disabling in MSV70 ECU


There is a problem associated with the incorrect operation of the IBS sensor  in the BMW e60 / e90 chassis. In the case of not restyling models, this problem  does not affect the operation of the engine and on-board electronics and the ordinary driver does not notice a difference in the behavior of the car, except that  presenting DTC error cannot be removed in the msv70 ECU. In the case of restyled models, a part  of the board system  consumers  are turned off.


Let’s consider a way to turn off IBS diagnostics from the MSV70 ECU for not restyling models.
Error scanners  show  the following errors in the MSV70 block:

00299D DME: Intelligent battery sensor, signal transmission
299D Batteriesensor: Signalübertragung

The official MSV70 documentation tells us the following:

Screenshot from 2019-11-24 12-30-58


To completely disable support of IBS sensor in the MSV70, it is enough to reset the 7th bit of the MSKIBSDIAG parameter (1 byte). This parameter is  in the calibration area. To perform the reading/writing operation you can use any available  flasher  such as KESS / GALETTO.

As an example, the position of this byte is shown within the dump that  read using KESS flasher with not restyling e60. The address is 0x5e067.


Screenshot from 2019-11-24 12-56-42

The 0xFF byte at 0x5e067 address must be replaced with 0xFA. After that, you can flash  modified dump back to completely remove IBS. :)