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BMW M54 M56 MS45 MS45.1 E46 E83 E60 E65 ECU repair

Has your ECU failed? We can fully clone your original DME ECU so it is a plug and play solution.

jmgarage will clone your current damaged DME and re-program to a new DME. This is a much more approachable to solution than having to replace your ECM with a new unit from BMW. Available to all E60 525i 530i, E46 320i 325i 330, and Z4 with the M54/M56 and either an MS45 or MS45.1 DME.  EWS Delete are now available for the M54/M56!!   First solution in a world!!

MS45 and MS45.1 DME’S (ECU) AKA M54/M56 Engines.

Models Supported :
BMW 3 Series E46 320
BMW 3 Series E46 325
BMW 3 Series E46 330i
BMW 5 Series E60 520i
BMW 5 Series E60 525i
BMW 5 Series E60 530i
BMW 5 Series E83 2.5i
BMW 5 Series E83 3.0i
BMW 7 Series E65 730i

Clone DME +$249.00
EWS Delete +$579.00  (NOTE. ECU BDM locked to avoid cloning)
Post Cat O2 Delete +$150.00

Are you company or fileservice? If you need unlimited solution (ews delete and post cat delete), you can use our immo off tool