Архив рубрики: BOSCH ME7.2

BMW ME 7.2 euro coding

  • CDDST  FW code word CARB: EURO byte for deactivation of tank press. sensor diagn.
  • CDEFST FW code word DFSTT inactiv (EURO-coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDHSH FW code word heating diagnose after Kat (CDHSH = 0 => no diagnosis)
  • CDHSV FW code word heating diagnose upstr. Kat (CDHSV = 0 => no diagnosis)
  • CDKAT FW code word: catalyst diagnosis in OBDII-mode (invers: European mode)
  • CDKVS FW code word: DKVS active/inactive, CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDLLR FW code word DLLR inactiv (EURO-coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDLSA FW code word oxgen sensor aging diagnosis, configuration byte, for application
  • CDLSH FW code word lambda sensor diagnosis behind KAT in OBDII-Mode (invers: Europe mode)
  • CDLSV FW code word oxygen sensor diagnosis upstr. KAT in OBDII mode
  • CDMD FW code word DMD inactive(EURO-coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDNWS FW code word DNWS inactiv (EURO-coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDSLS FW code word secondary air system in OBDII mode (inv: Europe mode)
  • CDSLSE FW eurobyte for output stage diagnosis of secondary-valve/pump
  • CDSWE FW code word DSWE inactive (EURO-Coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDTANKL FW code word DTANKL inactiv (EURO-coding), CD..=0 -> no diagnosis
  • CDTES FW code word disable canister-purge monotoring (Euro coding), CD..=0 -> no dia.
  • CWOBD FW code word for configuration OBD certifikation:
    02 OBD-EPA
    04 OBDI
    05 no OBD-requirements
    06 EOBD